Technology: Threat or Menace?

So, who wants to explain to me what, exactly, an IPod is and why “it’s essential” that I have one?

In other news, the deck is roofed; the crew boss is due back on Monday (or Tuesday, or “early in the week”) to measure for the back-splash and install the pesky mini-blinds that refuse to acknowledge my dominion over themselves.  I think we’ll hold off on the ceiling fan; the installation sounds like too much wear-and-tear on everyone at this point.

The house is very slowly coming back into something resembling coherence.  I’m trying to sort out books, music, and knick-knacks that no longer give pleasure rather than mindlessly tossing things back where they were.  This?  Is harder than you might think.

And, yes — we are still working on Dragon Tide, which as some astute readers have noticed, is late.  Our fault entirely, for not completely grokking how much the new order of bidness would affect the old order of bidness.  We have kindly received an extension from Madame the Editor.  And I’m busy cutting-and-pasting, foreshadowing, and laying in the subplot(s).  This?  Is also harder than you might think.

So, in a few minutes, I’m off to the Word Mines.

What’re you doing today that’s fun?

4 thoughts on “Technology: Threat or Menace?”

  1. Before I answer the question is technology a threat or menace I wish to thank you for the Liaden Universe. Theo has become my favorite character and I can not wait to see what Bechimo and her get up to next. As for Technology it is both a threat and a menace. I say this because I have been a computer hardware engineer for over 30 years. I think smart phones of any type are a menace because any technology that attempts to become everything for everyone can never truly do either. I use my cell phone to make phone calls, my digital and film cameras to take photos, and my computers for the internet and games. I am just old school I guess

  2. I like my iPod nano for pictures and podcasts, but it is so not necessary, even dolled up in a steampunk skin. Handy if you like to listen to music all of the time, like my husband who transferred all of his CDs and most of 3 local libraries full, not to mention 2 6′ x 3′ shelves of lps onto his standard iPod. But I don’t know it is any better than other MP3 players out there, I just like Apple esthetics.
    Sue H

  3. I like my iPod Nano because I listen to audiobooks all the time (I have really bad insomnia, and I can lie in bed at 3am and listen to my book without waking up my husband. I also listen to podcasts a lot. (oh, and will we ever get another Liaden audiobook?). for me, my iPod is as necessary as a CPAC machine.

    My kids live on theirs – it provides a soundtrack for their lives, I guess.

    I picked the iPod because it had, for me, the easiest controls for audiobooks, and it was the one that was easiest to manage podcasts.

  4. iPod is just an mp3 player, next gen walkman
    I saw some people mention an iPad, that is the latest trendy item.
    And that is like the next generation computer: Desktop, Laptop, Pad (apples version iPad).
    The whole pad concept started out as a book reader, and then they were like my phone can do more. So they started adding features until it reached the point of a mini computer.

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