Et cum spiritu tuo

An early morning discussion of the addresses of Hamlet’s duplex (2B and Not 2B) brought to mind the pope’s phone number, which is the title of today’s post, and also a Catholic in-joke. Worse, it’s an in-joke for Catholics who still (faintly) recall the respondents to the Latin Mass, and! those who still remember when phone numbers were rendered thusly: Northfield Eight Six-Nine-Three-Six. You’d think my brain would have more interesting things to do than remember this stuff, but! The above is pronounced, indifferently, I expect: Etcum Spiri Two-Two-O. Note the lack of an international calling code.

When it’s not being a phone number, the phrase is part of the response pair: Dominus vobiscum/Et cum spiritu tuo, which means The lord be with you/And with your spirit.

So now you know.

OK! Exciting doin’s here at the Confusion Factory:

1. I am in the position of needing to write a whole lotta words in a short number of days. This means? I’m turning off the internet and the email. I hope you all have a delightful holiday season of your choice, and I’ll see you again early, but not too early, in the New, and please Goddess Much Better, Year.

2. “Kin Ties” and “Guaranteed Delivery” have aged off the of the Splinter Universe site. They are now available as echapbook Courier Run right now from Smashthing and from Amazon, and RSN from BN. I did clean up the typos and put in the missing words, but there are no other changes.

3. Be good to yourselves, and to each other. Remember to tell the people you love how much they mean to you.

See you in 2012.

One thought on “Et cum spiritu tuo”

  1. Hello: I just found “Courier Run” on the BN Nook site, purchased and read it. It was a welcome tidbit to soothe the beast while waiting for “Dragon Ship”. I hope your holiday was wonderful and that those words which needed to be written have flowed like a river.

    All the best to you and yours.


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