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And! as the fat little snowflakes drift lazily down from the grey sky, let us pause to consider where and how best to buy Reading Matter from Lee and Miller, and Lee, for those readers on your Holiday Gift Giving List.

Paper books: 

For the first time in. . .a lot of years, the entire Liaden Universe® backlist is in print.  You lucky people, you.  Books are available from your favorite local bookstore and online booksellers.  Here are the titles:

The Dragon Variation:  includes Local Custom, Scout’s Progress, Conflict of Honors

The Agent Gambit:  includes Agent of Change, Carpe Diem

Korval’s Game: includes Plan B, I Dare

The Crystal Variation: includes Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, Balance of Trade

Fledgling — Book One detailing the life and times of Theo Waitley

Saltation — Theo Waitley, Book Two

Mouse and Dragon — Sequel to Scout’s Progress

Ghost Ship — Sequel to BOTH Saltation and I Dare (note:  Amazon is sold out of this book.  Uncle Hugo’s SF store has signed copies available.  They do mail order, but you need to act FAST.)

Also in print and available from the bookstore of your choice are:

Carousel Tides, by Sharon Lee — contemporary fantasy set in a down-on-its-luck Maine resort town.  A haunted carousel, selkies, the ghost of an Abenaki warrior — what’s not to love?

Duainfey, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller —  Book One of the Fey Duology.  Dark fantasy about a young human girl who becomes a pawn in a plot to overthrow the Fey Queen.

Longeye, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller — Book Two of the Fey Duology.

In print, but available from Lulu only:

Barnburner, by Sharon Lee —  Mystery set in the fictional town of Wimsy, Maine, featuring Jennifer Pierce, intrepid reporter, and Fox, a lord of cyberspace.

Gunshy, by Sharon Lee — the second book of Jen and Fox.

Here’s the link to a page from which these books may be ordered


Carousel Tides, by Sharon Lee, narrated by Elisabeth Rodgers, published by Audible.

Local Custom, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, narrated by Michael Shanks, published by Buzzy Multimedia


Every! Single! Liaden Universe®! Novel! EVER PUBLISHED is available in the ebook format of your choice! from Baen Books.  Here’s a link to the Lee and Miller, and Lee, page.  

Every! Single! Liaden Universe®! Short Story! published by SRM Publisher through February 2011 (Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Volumes 1-17) is available in the ebook format of your choice!  Here’s a link to Pinbeam Books, where every title is listed, with the stories included in each, and handy links to each title at  BN, Amazon and Smashwords.  Other stories are also available.  Take a couple minutes and check out the site.

Barnburner and Gunshy, by Sharon Lee (see descriptions, above) are available in the ebook format of your choice from Fictionwise.  Here’s a link to the page from which these volumes may be purchased.

Edited to add:  Both Baen Books and BN offer gift cards for electronic books.  Here’s the link to Baen’s cardHere’s the link to BN’s card. 

Splinter Universe Stories:

Three Liaden Universe® stories are available to be read for free (though donations are gratefully accepted), as well as a story by Steve, plus various splinters, notes, and outtakes from novels.  Here’s the link.

There now, wasn’t that easy?

Thank you all! for your support, your attention, and your care over the years.  You guys are the best.

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