In which Rolanni visits the vampyres

Fasting blood test this morning, what fun. The whole panel, because it’s been, ahem. A While. After, it was Tim Horton’s for a medium mocha (food groups: caffeine, whipped cream, and chocolate), with an asiago/tomato bagel which was delicious, for me, and an apple fritter for Steve, which I understand suffered somewhat from a lack of actual apple.

Back home, I bought new thermal curtains for the living room. They were on sale, knocked down by $60, plus I had a $20 coupon and! there was a free-shipping promo. Yes, I am Mighty.

The Weather Beans tell me that it’s supposed to commence in to snowing this evening and continue that activity through tomorrow, leaving us with a nice overlay of about 14 inches of frozen precipitation by the time it gets gone, sometime on Wednesday night.

I guess I’d better charge The Leewit and the phone.

Oh! And we have Something Interesting going on in the background. I can’t say more yet. In fact, I may already have said too much, but! As soon as I can Tell All, you can bet that I will.

For today, I have my work cut out for me. The Dragon Ship revisions continue apace. So far, in my quest to tighten and clean, I’ve taken away a total of 220 words. Call me Rolanni the Hun.

In a few minutes, I’ll start marking down echapbooks for Pinbeam Books Big! Holiday! Sale! (I also have to convert Master Walk into Smashspeak, which for some reason I had never done. Loss of nerve, I’m guessing.) In any case! Watch this space for details of the sale, and remember! eBooks make wonderful gifts.

While I’m on the subject of electrik stories, I did want to most sincerely thank everyone who has donated to the Splinter Universe project since. . .well, since it started, and especially over the last week. The discussion of cash-streams hadn’t been intended as a call to action, but, what can I say? We have the best readers in the world.

Thank you all.

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