Cutting the rug

As promised, the stove guy was here at 7 a.m. He unhooked the stove, and moved it out to the deck (a moment of silence, during which we’re all grateful for the NEW deck, which is up to bearing the weight of the stove), where it now stands, covered over with a tarp.

The floor guys and girl arrived at about half-past-eight and commenced in moving the refrigerator to the living room and the microwave to the counter, taking doors off of hinges and baseboards off of walls. They made a pattern for the kitchen floor, tore up the hall carpet, stapled quarter inch plywood over the old kitchen floor and in general made the cats very nervous.

Tomorrow, they’ll be back, they say, to glue down the kitchen floor, take up the living room rug and lay new carpet down the hallway and in the living room. They say they will finish this project by end of day tomorrow.

May it be so.

In other news, it turns out that I can proofread, but I cannot write, while staples are being shot into plywood at 200 rounds per second, so I’m about half-way through the Carousel Tides galleys.

And now? I’m going to Home Despot.

Eat your hearts out.

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