When it snows, ain’t it thrilling

It was snowing when we went to bed last night. This morning, we woke to the plaintive beeping of UPS units, which was our first clue that the power had gone out.

We lay abed a little longer, hoping that the power would reassert itself — it didn’t — then rose reluctantly to greet the day. Happily, we have a gas stove, and after a brief search for matches, I heated water for tea while Steve made up a scrambled egg breakfast.

After breakfast, I used the snow shovel Steve had foresightfully brought up from the basement yesterday to push the collected precipitation off the deck and the outside stairs. We got maybe six inches of Very Soggy snow, which spent much of the day returning to its natural, more liquid, state. I’m supposing this means black ice and treacherous driving tonight, so everyone stay safe.

After doing my duty to the Goddess of Snows, I pulled out a pen and a yellow pad and started working on “Tinsori Light.”

The power came back around 1:00; Steve made us a wonderful turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy, then we both went back to work.

“Tinsori Light” wants to be written out by hand, which is OK by me — and OK by Mozart, too, since writing out by hand means sitting on the couch with the floofy blanket and the lap desk. Mozart is highly in favor of floofy blankets and the couch.

I’ve transcribed what I wrote, and am pretty happy with what I have. I hope to continue tomorrow, but that’s not as certain as I’d like it to be, due to the rumored arrival of the painter, bearing color chips. Further rumor has her beginning to paint on Tuesday, which means tomorrow will be all about shifting the damn’ kitchen…into the bedroom.


The good news is that the painter thinks she can have everything done in one day. If I could hear from the guy about the floors, my life would be complete. For values of complete which include going completely bonkers.

And, may I just say, apropos of nothing much, that I love, love, love, my new pastry mat? I’ve never had one before, and man! does it make kneading dough into a dream.

Hope everybody is safe and warm in the aftermath of the snowstorm.

Progress on “The Space at Tinsori Light”
1,041/8,000? OR 1.0% complete

Space is haunted.

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