The entire known universe floats suspended in a thin silver bowl

Still not much to see, here: Chores, tinking around in the innards of the novel, a walk in the brisk and breezy day.

I did finish reading the material in the folder marked “Steve’s Klamath” and it’s good stuff. What to do with it, if we want to do anything with it besides admire it, and then refile it, is a discussion for another day.

The delivery count is now: All received except The Shattered Vine, which BN tells me will be a few days delayed, so sorry. However! Since having deliveries is so much fun, I bought some other stuff, like that Abney Park CD I was talking about earlier in the week.

In addition to deliveries, the mail brought us the on-pub check for The Crystal Variation, and a contract! Yep, we had so much fun doing “Intelligent Design” for the Baen website, we’re going to do it again. Nope, no title yet. Our deadline is July 2012. We’ll let you know when we have a pub date.

Let’s see, what else? Oh! One of my colleagues, Saladin Ahmed, was zooming along on his second book — the sequel to Throne of the Crescent Moon, which is coming out in February — when…his computer died the True Death.

This is a terrible, terrible feeling, as I know from experience. Fortunately, when the exact same thing happened to me, ‘way back in the Dark Ages, I still had a typewriter kicking around the place, so I could get on with things. Not so, Saladin. What he has instead of a typewriter? Is very small twins.

Twins, as some of you may know, are Rather An Expensive Undertaking.

So, anyhow, Saladin needs a computer so he can finish writing his book, and in order to fund this expenditure, he’s holding a raffle, with lots of fun stuff on offer, including Tuckerizations and signed ARCs — well, go on over and take a look.

Lastly, everyone’s seen this, right?

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