Tech Help: Paladin Slowly Losing Mind

Update: I went to the BN site and found out that a software update was delivered while I wasn’t paying attention. I’ve just finished downloading and installing it, and!

Paladin now knows what time it is.

Thanks to everyone who offered insight and advice.


So, I bought my little black-and-white Nook, hight Paladin, along in about February. I like it very much and it was a real lifesaver on the summer travels.

Somewhere on the trip, it developed an. . .interesting feature. Its timekeeping got screwed up. By interesting here, I mean — it’s not just off by five minutes; or thinks I’m living in another time zone, or anything like that. It’s slowly gaining time. Right now, at what the atomic clock makes to be 9:41 a.m., Paladin swears that it’s 10:04.

That’s right, I have a digital clock that’s gaining time. I’ve tried reasserting my connection to and loyalty for the Eastern Time Zone, but this has not fixed the problem, and there’s no way to actually set the time, that I can find.

So, that’s the least annoying glitch, but, given the next, may be indicative of a larger problem.

Last night, I opened up Paladin to start a new book, and foolishly hit the “reading now” icon. And instead of taking me to the new book I wanted to open (which I knew it wouldn’t do the instant after I had pressed the icon), or to either of the two other books that I have been sporadically perusing, it opened a book that I had finished weeks ago, while we were on the train. And! It opened that book, not to the end (sometimes I don’t “finish reading” because I forget to page through to the end of the book after I’ve hit the end of the story), but to the middle.

So now I’m worried. Is Paladin in truth losing his mind? Is there anything I can do to bring him back up to line? Am I worrying unnecessarily and this is just a case of the device achieving “personality”?

Thanks in advance.

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