Sweet to tongue and sound to eye

Retail reminders and opportunities to support the arts:

1.  Calamity’s Child echapbook (including Liaden Universe® story “Sweet Waters” and Steampunk short, “A Night at the Opera”) is on sale for the entire month of October (that’s now!) for $0.99US from the ebookstore of your choice:  BN, Smashwords, Amazon

2.  Frenchy and the Punk are this close to funding two brand-new-CDs over at Kickstarter.  Wouldn’t it be cool to be the donation that pushes them over the top?

3.  Also in Kickstarter news, C.E. Murphy is over the fence and running for higher ground.  The original goal has been met and the secondary goal, too! That means a second Gary short for those who donated to support the original novella.  The campaign is well on its way to accomplishing the third goal  — but this is getting complicated.  Go on over and take a look for yourselves.

4.  New Abney Park CD to be released on October 15! (holy crap, that’s this Saturday!)

5.  For those following the progress of Splinter Universe — I apologize.  “The Space at Tinsori Light,” scheduled for October, isn’t going to make it.  I need to stick with Necessity’s Child for the next while, and juggle a whole buncha real-life necessities.  I’ll try to get the story to you by Christmas.  Thank you for patience and understanding.

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