PSA: Carousels and Story Ideas

We’re very close to the one-year anniversary of the release of Carousel Tides.  And, over the last week, I’ve received several nice notes asking is there/when will there be a sequel to Carousel Tides.  The answer to that question is, no/I don’t know.

I did submit proposals for two additional books, and the reply from Baen was, reasonably enough:  Let’s wait to see how Carousel Tides does.

So, we’re waiting.  Royalty statements are due at the end of the month — the first royalty statement in which Carousel Tides will make an appearance — and we may all be better informed RSN.


Once again, please, please, please, I beg of you — do not send us story ideas, novel wish lists or requests that the plotlines go in a certain direction.  Just. . .please don’t.

If you cannot restrain yourself, and send such a thing?  Please don’t expect any sort of response, because as soon as I realize what the content is, I delete the message.


Here ends the PSAs.  We now return you to your regulary-scheduled blog, already in progress.

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