Now, keep your eyes well peeled today; the tall, tall men are on the way

I? Am officially cross-eyed. Which is ghod’s way of telling you to knock off for the night.

So, today, I did the in-town errands, some of the in-house errands, and skritched cats many times.

I also spent a big chunk of the day down in the guts of Necessity’s Child. I believed for a brief time that I might need to recast a chapter, but examination proved that all the chapter in hand needed was, y’know, some hints to the reader about why the character was reacting as they were.

It doesn’t count unless it’s written down. You’d think I’d know this by now, wouldn’t you?

I spent more time than I had budgeted for over at Lulu, what with having to report a couple of copyright violations, but I’m pleased to announce that!

Print editions of Barnburner and Gunshy, the Wimsy, Maine and/or Jen Pierce mysteries, may now be purchased from Lulu. This link goes to an ordering page.

And now? I’m going to go fall on my face.


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