I will be the one who loves you – until the end of time

So,the gentleman who was supposed to come measure the floors this morning got caught up at another job, and rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

The great shifting of the front of the house to the back of the house continues. I am, unfortunately, down to the kitchen. Where in ghod’s name am I gonna put the stuff from the kitchen? Normally? I’d put in the living room. Not an option this time, obviously.

Made bread — that makes for two loves in the freezer, so that’s all good.

We’ve — actually, that would be Steve — got the first batch of SRM stock into the mail today, headed for its new home.

Put the trash out, did dishes, wrote.

The thrills just go on forever, don’t they?

For those who read here, but not there (I don’t imagine there are that many, if any), there is a poll in progress at Eagles Over the Kennebec. Please take time to participate — or to comment, if you’re not able to do the poll itself.

And now? I’m beat.

See y’all tomorrow.

Progress on Necessity’s Child
71,848/100,000 OR 71.8% complete

“You know what my cat does?” Tansy asked from down-table and opposite. “He sits on top the door ’til somebody comes through, then he jumps on their head!”

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