Disambiguation Notice

I believe that some aspiring writers read here from time to time, and I do absolutely know for a fact that, when I teach, and when I talk with beginning writers at conventions, I mention Writer Beware as a useful resource.

In a word, what Writer Beware does is investigate and expose literary scams. In addition to the website, hosted by SFWA, Writer Beware maintains a blog, here, and a Facebook page.

I’m mentioning this here now because. . .someone or group of someones has put time and effort into a very. . . peculiar web presence entitled “The Write Agenda.” This site supports two mirror sites, one of which is called “Writer Be Aware.”

Be advertent! The site that I recommend as a good resource for writers in these days of internet scams is Writer Beware. Another excellent resource for authors wishing to protect themselves from harm is Preditors and Editors.

Here ends the Disambiguation Notice. Thank you for your attention.

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