At the magical hour when is becomes if

All of the books that used to be in the living room? Are now in my office and in the bedroom.  Tomorrow, I’ll shift the CDs. . .somewhere, and maybe take down the pictures, of which there are. . .a lot, and stand them safely against a wall. . .somewhere.

Thus! do we prepare for the painters!

The real zoo is going to be clearing out the kitchen.  Which I’m not thinking about too much, yet, because I need to do this thing and not hide under the bed.

In between shifting books, I baked bread, and tried to sort out MetLife customer service.  Let’s just say that the bread turned out excellently well.

What with all this moving things around, I fear the cats are beginning to Suspect Something.  I explained to Mozart that Nicky had roofers and the windows replaced at the same time!, and that painters are relatively benign.  He takes leave to doubt.

Just wait ’til the guys with the chainsaws arrive to take down the deck.

For those keeping track of deliveries here at the Cat Farm, Laura Anne Gilman’s The Shattered Vine arrived today, from BN.  Still on an approach path, the silicone pastry mat which will make bread-kneading easier.

Progress on Necessity’s Child
68,792/100,000 OR 68.8% complete

The grin became a laugh. “The fighting cock would clasp my hand in brotherhood! Almost, you tempt me.”




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