All the jails are made of tin…

Was I after forgetting to mention that those of you who are readers of The Walker Papers by the excellent C.E. Murphy (first book, Urban Shaman, for those who haven’t read them yet — go, go find, buy, read), you might still have time to get in on the ground floor of a special offer. Ms. Murphy is funding the writing of Walker Papers novella “No Dominion” featuring Gary the cab driver through Kickstarter. The campaign opened today, and you can read all about it here.

Today, I have composed and sent out an InfoDump, done the end-of-September bookkeeping and checkbook balancing, watched Dumbo with Steve, and wrote a couple thousand words.

I am now at the point — the end of Chapter Twenty, for those keeping score — where I will be compiling the files I have and printing out many pages of manuscript, so that I can familiarize myself with whattheheck I said on various subjects, and see if it matches up with whatever I might’ve said on the same topic later. I have the sinking feeling that I forgot to Put Something Important In. In which case, I’ll be needing to rip out and resew some seams. Good thing I laid in a lot of thread and a whole card of needles.

In other news, it rained all day. And tomorrow’s looking like more of the same.

Progress on Necessity’s Child
60,495 of 100,000 OR 60% complete

“Don’t let ‘im pull your leg, missy,” Beck said from the stove. “Ain’t a single one of ’em tall by Surebleak measure.”

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