There’s a place where love grows wild; where hearts can trust, just like a child


1. “Guaranteed Delivery,” a Liaden Universe® short story dealing with love, leadership ratings, and insurance fraud will be posted at Splinter Universe on Monday, September 12.

2. Steve and I will be Guests at the Great New England Steampunk Exposition in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Friday, September 16 through Monday September 18. Other guests include Kaja and Phil Foglio, Abney Park, Jake von Slatt, Mademoiselle Veronique Chevalier, and too many more to type. Do plan on attending.

3. Steve is putting books up for auction at eBay. The vanguard is a signed trade paper edition of I Dare. Bidding closes on Monday, September 12.


1. Get back with George

2. Make appointment at gym

3. Call eye doctor

4. Make appointment to have hair cut, curled and dyed magenta

5. Figure out how to make the television stream Netflix. Maybe I’m missing some wires? Argh.  Welp, I tried, and Mozart tried, too.  And you know if Mozart can’t figure it out, I might as well hang up my hat.  I think that the wireless signal may not be strong enough in the living room.  I note that I have a hard time getting The Leewit online in the living room, too.  A project for another day, obviously.  Or maybe I’ll buy a Zillion Feet of Cat5 and hardwire the tv to the router.

6. File before the pile becomes sentient

7. Continue hacking at backed-up bookkeeping

8. Finish folding brochures

9. Make appointment for Scrabble and Mozart to get their annual check-ups/shots

10. Get more coffee all gone, the coffee.  *is sad*

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