The Saturday to-do before the Sunday will-do

Today’s to-do list is this:
1. Work on bookkeeping until lunch
2. Eat lunch
3. Do last editing pass through “Guaranteed Delivery”
4. Do dishes
5. Eat dinner
6. Read with Steve
7. Go to bed

Tomorrow — is my birthday, and I’m keeping away from anyplace that has a live television set, internet connection or anything else that will be broadcasting the Tenth Anniversary. Therefore, my plan:

1. Rise early, drive to Old Orchard Beach, with a selection of favorite CDs

2. Have breakfast at Michelle’s: no television; satellite rock ‘n roll station on the radio

3. Picnic lunch on the beach

4. Dinner at one of several possibilities, depending on where we happen to be when the bell sounds, none of which have television sets.

I hope that those who share my natal day will also be able to enjoy themselves as they wish, and good fortune to us all.

Everybody have a good weekend, ‘k? I’ll see you on Monday.

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