Saturday, in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July

A little under the weather today (boo! hiss!), and seriously thinking about joining Mozart, who has a very nice little thing going with the blankets and my pillow.

On the other hand, these stories aren’t going to write themselves.

Which pretty much sums up the Dilemma of the Self-Employed.

While I was dithering, I did some updatery of the Korval homepage, including linking to those artists who have created art on behalf of the Liaden Universe®. It’s an impressive list — go check it out; we’re seriously pleased that our work has inspired such lovely art.

One thing did strike me, though, as I was putting the list together. All of our cover/story artists? Are guys.

Which prompts the question — who are the female cover artists currently working in SF/F? Can anybody help me out with some names?

. . .in other news, Scrabble re-arranged my desk for me on the overnight, and I can’t find my calendar. This? Could be serious.

One thought on “Saturday, in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July”

  1. Well, I’m certainly not an expert on artists, but if one looks over at this year’s Chesley Award nominees and winners,, there are a handful of female artists, like Kinuko Y. Craft, Julie Dillon, and Audrey Lazarev. Also several who I don’t know who might be female, might not. Certainly, though, the ratio isn’t good.

    I’m a little surprised since at convention art shows, I run into female artists all the time… (for instance, Ruth Sanderson.)

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