Misty Tuesday

Yesterday morning was all about errands and knocking mundane tasks off the list (The List).

Steve and I went down to the gym in Fairfield and got the tour, and a 14-day free pass. It’s a nice gym, clean, well-lighted, quiet (i.e. no Fox News blaring on four dozen televisions hung at all angles), and with no Crazy Guys throwing weights bigger than their heads into the air and catching them one-handed, which offends and horrifies me. I’m not into competitive exercise to the death; I just want to go in, do my thing, and get on with the day.

If this works out, the plan (The Plan) is to go early to gym three days a week (if I don’t go First Thing, I find reasons to put it off until Tomorrow, experience shows), get it over with, then take The Leewit down to Selah Tea for a writing session before running whatever in-town errands need to be accomplished and going home.

This would make a radical change in my writing, and life, habits (I don’t think our gym guide quite believed me when I said, “No, really sedentary. Everything I like to do consists of standing or sitting still.”), and is worth a try for a couple reasons. We’ll see how the experiment goes.

In other news, one of the things that Steve and I intend to do realsoonnow is produce and publish to the Korval website a pronunciation guide to Liaden. We can do the recording here with Audacity, but we’ll need someone to help with the editing. Can anyone volunteer? I don’t know how much time it would take, being Vastly Ignorant on these topics; I imagine not weeks, since there really aren’t that many Liaden words*.

Today, is about bookkeeping, and laundry, con-prep, writing, and…there was something else. It’ll come to me.

For those who missed the announcements yesterday, there’s a new story up at Splinter Universe. Tell your friends who may not be within the sound of my voice.
*I will, after we’re back from the Steampunk Expo, put out a call for Words You’d Like to Hear Pronounced, so we can have that list more-or-less all in one place. Please don’t tell me now. Thanks.


Progress on the Book Presently known as George
47,802 words/100,000 OR 47.8% complete

Among the Bedel it was said that all gadje looked alike — a joke of the kompani. And even were it not a joke, Kezzi thought, she defied anyone to say that this gadje looked like anyone else.

One thought on “Misty Tuesday”

  1. You have to make sure you can do it 30 times in a row (eg you plan would have to proceed for 30 weeks of 3 days a week) to make it an established habit – i only managed upto 12 times – not yet the 30 (exercise is hard)……………

    Also, thanks for Guaranteed Delivery. I enjoyed it. (As well as Kin Ties and Ghost Ship).
    Keep healthy , write more, waiting eagerly for your new stories.

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