George no more

The book under construction, previously known as “George” puts forth the following title-like title:  Necessity’s Child.

Yes, it’s quite close to Calamity’s Child, but it fits the story, and  I like the idea of  there being a poem somewhere in the Liaden Universe® comparable to “Monday’s Child.”  May have to work on that, in my abundant spare time.

Anyhow! Therefore! and unless something Even More Perfect should manifest between Now and Then, The Book Formerly Known as George is now officially Necessity’s Child, and shall henceforthwardly be referred to by that title.

In other news, “The Space at Tinsori Light,” which I had hoped to have up by October 12…may not make it by that date, due to Excessive Amounts of Life.  And the fact that “Tinsori Light” has a really intricate backstory, and slipping in backstory without resorting to infodumping is delicate, time-consuming work.  Thank you all for your patience.  We’ll get there, eventually.

Progress on Necessity’s Child
56,838 of 100,000 OR 56.8% complete

“Because Mike Golden blocks my way, stupid, stupid boy!”

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