I got my first real six-string; bought it at the five & dime

Still sick, but I got ’em on the run. *eyes saltwater gargle wearily*

Because I slept all day yesterday, I did not fulfill my goal of completing the last of the workshop papers, nor did I dig a hole in the Cat Garden. Today, it’s raining, and Steve has respectfully — not to say, reasonably — suggested that we conduct a Proper Burial after our world travels are through. Below, therefore, a Revised To-Do List.

In case one has missed the announcement elsewhere, there is a teaser up at Splinter Universe for “Kin Ties,” which goes live — anyone?

Yes, excellent! “Kin Ties” goes live on Friday.

And, now, to work.

To-Do Before Leaving for Reno
1. Finish critiquing the submissions for our section of the WorldCon Writing Workshop: 1, 2, 3
2. Do prep for the panel I’m moderating
3. Make sure The Leewit has the latest edition of George on her SDcard, and the notes for “Guaranteed Delivery”
4. Write an essay with Steve. Must isolate a topic.
5. Have and recover from pre-departure panic attack
6. Pack, which includes “do laundry”
6a. Find all pertinent wires
7. Upload “Kin Ties” to Splinter Universe
8. Turn over keys, house, and felines to cat sitter

One thought on “I got my first real six-string; bought it at the five & dime”

  1. Feel Better soonest. Remember – “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Just have a good trip to Reno and a great time at the Con.

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