Night time’s awaiting; dreamtime is fraying

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on advice of how to get music onto the Droid. Much appreciated!

Yesterday was complicated by the unexpected necessity of having to drive to Augusta, which I did. Unfortunately, in addition to the supplies needed, I managed to also onload a Terrifically Bad Headache™, which meant that I slept most of yesterday afternoon. Not convenient, and absolutely not what I had planned to do with my Friday.

Today has been chores, and writing, and realizing after ‘way too long that putting the Droid in the docking station and hooking it up via USB to the computer is Not At All The Same as jacking the Droid directly into the computer via USB. (So, like, what is the docking station good for, exactly?)

I worked on “Kin Ties” and uploaded another Splinter of The Cards of Fortunate Destiny to Splinter Universe. I also created an LJ Community for discussion of Splinter Universe.  Anyone may read and comment, however! those without LJ accounts will experience a delay in seeing their posts, since anonymous posts will be scrutinized by a human moderator first.

The posts to the Live Journal Community will be mirrored on Facebook at Splinter Universe, so that those who don’t believe in Live Journal can still have fun.

. . .and I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print.

What’re you doing this weekend that’s fun?


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