Marconi plays the mambo; listen to the radio

So, lemmesee.

Did some necessary chores today, including WorldCon planning with Steve. Wrote a new Lee and Miller bio, got a buncha bills lined up to pay. Going to have to do some more set-up over the next little while so things can get paid while we’re away. Man, bill-pay is the best!

Still hacking away at the Big Pile o’Email. This could take some time.

It’s remotely possible that I’ve actually fixed the RSS feed problem for Splinter Universe. Which would mean that anyone who subscribed should have gotten a notification that the page has been updated to warn people that the last chunk of The Cards of Fortunate Destiny splinter is available here

Remember! “Kin Ties” goes up on August 12!

Continuing the to-do theme, I added a page to the Pinbeam Books site.

What else?

Oh, did I remember to say here that there are pdfs of flyers available off of Welcome to Liad — here, in fact — so, if you’re going to a convention or a library event, or if you belong to a reader’s group — feel free to print out the flyers for the freebie table, or other distribution? Consider it said.

In other news, it’s been threatening to rain here all day, and hasn’t spat out a drop yet. Maybe tonight. At least, she said, rapping her knuckles firmly on the surface of the dining room table, the Big Heat Wave seems to be over.

Thanks to the folks who suggested LJ-Book for taking my journal entries off of LJ. I had tried to use it…some while back, and it didn’t seem to work — i.e., it took the information and spun in space, then confessed that it couldn’t actually make a book. Does anyone know what’s with that? I’m pretty sure the blog’s in UTF-8.

And now? To the couch!

One thought on “Marconi plays the mambo; listen to the radio”

  1. Good day to you both. Wanted to thank you for Intelligent Design. My curiosity about Jeeves has been mostly satisfied. I look forward to visiting with him in the pages of your current and future writings. Just finished Ghost Ship that I got from Uncle Hugos (I have got to learn to read slower. 5 hours is to short a visit).

    Hope that WorldCon is a blast and the rest of your summer is a great one. Let us know how the train trip goes. Have never done a long one and I am curious. Best wishes to you both.


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