Luddite Authors and Maine Adventures


Yesterday, we drove around in the pretty day, looking at houses and trying to revision the future. You’d think, with us being scifi writers and all, that this would be easy. You’d be wrong. There’s something about revisioning your own future that puts a little bit of wistfulness into the exercise.

So, anyway, our explorations took us into deepest Waterville, then down to the big city of Bath. While it would be Very Cool Indeed to live in the City of Ships, I’m not sure Bath has my wholehearted backing. It’s busier than Waterville — that would be the fault of Bath Iron Works, from which those ships in the city tagline emerge — has an actual downtown, and runs on just slightly more than half the population. Bath seems to look to Brunswick for most of its important services, so perhaps we ought to do likewise.

My long-held dream of living at the ocean seems to be receding beyond recall, which is sad, but not tragic. I got to have a pretty major dream fulfilled in my lifetime, and lots of people don’t even get that.

At the moment, I’m still hoping for sea air, but I suspect we’ll wind up moving into Waterville at the last, if we can find something that meets the points on The List. Which we haven’t yet, so — still looking. Which means that, as of right now, anything is still possible.

My big projects for the morning, besides trying to figure out a way to keep Scrabble from drinking out of my water glass when I leave my desk, was to draft an InfoDump, which is now in Steve’s hand; clarify the bios at so that people (hopefully) no longer have the notion that there will be two more books on the shelves of whatever bookstores happen to be left by the first quarter of 2012.

(Just to save y’all the trouble of jumping over to to look, we have two books due at Baen by the first quarter of 2012, those being Dragon Ship and George. Due at Baen is not even remotely “will be published.” Figure at the very least, a year between turn-in date and publication date.)

After lunch, I’m to the couch for a plotting session — outlining the next short story so I can write it on the train to Reno, and also getting some forward motion on George.

I still have Stuff to do for WorldCon; hoping to get all that together and into the mail to Willing Volunteers sometime toward the…end of this week/beginning of next week.

In the meantime, I have reports that the RSS feed is “not working” at Splinter Universe, which I take to mean that the page doesn’t update to those subscribed to the feed when I add a new note to it. The construction and care of RSS feeds are a Mystery to me (see Luddite Author) — if WordPress says the page has an RSS feed, then I take it at its word. I understand that this may not be wise. If someone who knows from RSS feeds can help, that would be super.

If the RSS feed can’t be made to work, we may have to abandon the website idea and go to a subscription situation for the upcoming stories. Something where subscribers would sign into an email list for $X and I would email stories to the members of the list only. I’d rather not do that, since it doesn’t suit all of my nefarious purposes, besides involving a Lot More Record-keeping (I’m getting out of the record-keeping bidness, here), but it can be done, I guess.

And now?

It’s time for lunch.



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