Little House in the Woods

The view from Rolanni's office window

Why, yes, I do live in the country.  Why do you ask?

A line of thunderstorms came through yesterday late afternoon into evening.  Which meant that Steve and I got to finish reading Inheritor and also that today is a Serious Working Day.

Welcome to the new folk!  Introduce yourselves if you’re so moved.  Otherwise, there’s drinks and munchies in the fridge; help yourself.  Pull up a chair or a piece of the floor, but remember!  The cats have first dibs on all comfy spots.


4 thoughts on “Little House in the Woods”

  1. *passes the truffles around*

    Hi, my name’s Kaelin, and I love your books to pieces. Literally. I’ve had to rebuy Plan B, I Dare, and Agent of Change multiple times. When I’m not reading, I do Art Stuff as a living, mostly hand forged metalwork, with web design on the side.

    I firmly believe that the Liaden Code of Honor would be a significant boon to society if more people followed it’s precepts. Unfortunately, I don’t think enough people would be honest with themselves about their personal obligations, self honesty being a rare near-mythical character trait. Every time I read one of your books, however, I surface from the story wishing it could be so.

    I’m eagerly awaiting Ghost Ship, “George” and whatever else you guys decide to share. May I respectfully suggest ebooks for your Jennifer Pierce Maine stories?

    Happy Summer vacation!

  2. Hi, Kaelin; glad to meet you!


    Hand-forged metal work? Do you have your own smithy?

    May I respectfully suggest ebooks for your Jennifer Pierce Maine stories?

    Barnburner and Gunshy are available from Fictionwise, here —

    One of the things I hope for my return to full-time writing is enough time to write the third Jen Pierce book and give the trilogy closure.

  3. Hi Sharon!

    I was trained as a blacksmith, so yes, I have several forges and a lovely selection of anvils. Current circumstances have changed my direction into forged precious metal jewelry and copper sculptures, but I hope to get back to large scale forging eventually.

    Barnburner and Gunshy are now winging their way to my dektop. Plus all those lovely short stories just cried out to be bought… Thanks!

  4. Hi Sharon,

    I’m a Long time fan and lurker. I’ve gotten a couple years behind on the holiday chapbooks, so I just rounded out my collection with some e-books. Your books have gotten me through many rough patches in life. Thank you!

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