In Which the Fairy Godmother Department is Heard From

I hear from Mr. Blyly that he has today received 34 cases, 852 pounds, 680 individual autographed copies of Ghost Ship. In hardcover.

Yes, the street date for Ghost Ship, unsigned, is August 2. Yes, that means Mr. Blyly has received the signed books that required special handling more than a month ahead of that date. No, no one involved in this transaction knows why, but I think we can safely say that this is not Mr. Blyly’s fault. Nor ours.

I trust that this is clear.

Thirty-four cases of hardcover book makes, as I know from long experience of receiving cases of books to sign from Meisha Merlin back in the day, Quite A Large Pile there in the middle of the living-room-or-store. Mr. Blyly would, quite naturally, like to remove this impediment to commerce from the doorway and aisles of his store in as timely a fashion as possible.

So! If you want your book RIGHT NOW, and don’t care to have it personalized (there is a July 15 deadline for requesting personalization; those that request personalizations will have to wait for us — that’s Steve and Sharon — to get our sorry tails to Minneapolis sometime in the middle of August, find a pen and get to work), write to Mr. Blyly at unclehugoATaolDOTcom and tell him that you want your book mailed immediately.

If Mr. Blyly does not receive your direction to mail your book(s) immediately, he will be in honor forced to hold it/them until after the July 15 deadline for personalization requests.

I trust that this is also clear.


I confidently leave the matter in your capable hands.

2 thoughts on “In Which the Fairy Godmother Department is Heard From”

  1. I am confused. I had ordered the book several months ago with what I thought was personalization. Do I have to do anything further or will I receive the personalized copy after you and Steve get to Minneapolis in August? Thanks for any guidance.


  2. I didn’t think that “personalization” would be a problem, but so it has proved to be, for several people.

    What you pre-ordered (thank you!) was a book with our signatures on a page (i.e. a “signed copy”).

    A “personalization” is something like, “To Harvey, with all thanks for that time in Atlanta,” or something else to make the signature PERSONAL.

    So, unless you told Mr. Byly that you wanted a PERSONAL MESSAGE in your book, in addition to our signatures, what you ordered what a signed copy. If all you want is a books signed by us, with no personal message to you, then Mr. Blyly can release your book now, if you let him know.

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