Six questions you will answer me, and I will ask them all

Slow day at the day-job, waiting for the people who make decisions to make some so I can do what needs done.

Back at home, two more chapbooks compiled and converted (Variations Three, and Changeling: AitLU #6, for those who are counting), leaving me with just six more to compile. So that’s what? Twenty-five, told all. Then we’ll see if I’m tough enough to do The Tomorrow Log.

I have my talk for Thursday night in hand, the Trees of Maine are indulging in their annual spring effort to kill me, and the galleys for Ghost Ship have just landed. I’m guessing those are mine to do, since Steve just finished turning The Crystal Variation galleys (1184 pages of Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon, and Balance of Trade) around in truly heroic fashion.

At least Ghost Ship should be the last — no, I’m wrong. The mass market for Mouse and Dragon got added to October’s line-up. So! we’ll be seeing the galleys for that, bye-n-bye.

The fun? Never stops.

And! In celebration of the perseverance of the Trees of Maine, I’m going to go, I dunno — sit on the couch and read.


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