PSA: Errors in bookseller listing for The Crystal Variation

Edited to Add:  Marvelous and efficient Baen editor Laura Haywood Cory <lj user=laurahcory1> for those on LJ) has the matter in hand.

Since these alerts are getting more frequent as the release date for The Crystal Variation comes closer, I thought a general posting might be in order.

Steve and I are aware that there are several infelicities in the listing on Amazon and on BN and on Webscriptions for The Crystal Variation, the most notable being the misspelling of the heroine’s name. We do very much appreciate that people are concerned enough about these things to write to us. Our fans are the best.

However! Amazon no longer allows authors to change the listings for their books, even to correct an error. I don’t think BN ever allowed authors to amend things in their catalog. Possibly one might write to Baen Management, as we have done, (infoATbaenDOTcom) and ask them to correct the errors. Possibly they have attempted to do this and the bookstores are ignoring them.

In any case, thank you! for your advertance and your interest, but — hands tied, here.

Thank you.

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