Oh, your daddy’s rich, and your ma is good-lookin’

So, Admin has decided when summer is — a hotly anticipated decision at the end of every school year. Really, I think we’re missing a bet by not starting a pool — insert groan here — but the administrative staff, whose household budgets serve as the markers in the game, can’t really afford to gamble.

In any case, summer starts on Monday! Which is good. Now I can get some work done.

Speaking of work, I have been — slowly, I’ll grant — uploading ebooks to Smashwords, which offers multiple formats for download and a library shelf for patrons, so if you change your desktop, or drop your smartphone into a koi pond, you will at least not have lost your books.

You may, as of this day and hour, find the following Lee and Miller, and Lee, and Miller ebooks on Smashwords:

Two Tales of Korval:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 1
Fellow Travelers: AitLU #2
Duty Bound: AitLU #3
Certain Symmetry: AitLU #4
Variations Three
Chariot to the Stars

I do know that this part of Steve and Sharon’s Excellent eBook Adventure is taking a bit of time.  We do intend to keep at it until it’s done, and the advent of day-job summer may well speed the process along.  Do tell your ebook reading friends about Pinbeam Books (eBooks you want to read!).  Signal-boosts greatly appreciated.

And now?  Steve is making Philly cheese steak sammiches for lunch, so you can bet I’m heading for the kitchen.  Yeah.  Along with the cats.


One thought on “Oh, your daddy’s rich, and your ma is good-lookin’”

  1. So I was really excited to read more Liaden stuff. Then I realized I have already read the first four titles in the list in my paperback version of Liaden Universe Companion Volume 1. But I think it is great you are releasing the stories in e book. Keep up the amazing stories!

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