In which busy hands, hurt. A lot.

Yesterday, I did lawn cleaning detail. Also, I worked in the garden. This turned out to be a Very Stupid Idea. I can either work in the garden and trash my hands and my bad shoulder or I can not work in the garden and avoid subsequent unpleasantness.

You’d really think I’d remember this, wouldn’t you? Especially given the system of reward and punishment involved. Sheesh.

In other news on the weekend, two more chapbooks have been added to the ever-growing pile on Amazon and BN — Dragon Tide: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 13, and Certain Symmetry: AitLU Number 4. They should be showing up tomorrow-ish, I’m guessing.

This weekend also brought the happy news that there will be a mass market edition of Carousel Tides hitting bookstores early next year — February 2012, is the informed guess.

I’ve also made some small headway on the outline of my talk for Thursday, but I obviously need to make more. Should’ve done that today, but today I decided to work on George.

Those who pre-ordered, or who were waiting the release of Korval’s Game (omnibus release of Plan B and I Dare)– your patience has been rewarded. The book is shipping as I type.

And now, it’s gotten late, for values of late that include the fact of tomorrow being Monday.

What did y’all do this weekend that was cool?

Progress on the Book Presently known as George
38,598 words/100,000 OR 38.6% complete

She didn’t think she would like to see the things that Droi did, that lived around corners, and under rocks, and in the lightless place of World That Might Be.

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