Five Things Make a Post, Thursday Edition

1. Steve is on his way home. Last contact was from “someplace in New York.” First contact was from “above Harrisburg,” and I thought, “Well, he’ll be home in a couple hours, then.” sigh. All these years and I’m still not used to Harrisburg being a loooooong way from home.

2. The auction for the leather-bound edition is live until Sunday-coming! Take a look! Go on, you know you want to…

3. Today’s paycheck from the day-job makes available the news that honest labor pays about $6700 less thus far than setting up as a professional liar. This year, anyhow.

4. Still trying to work the brain down from overdrive. Haven’t had to cope with the full “can’t stop! gotta think!” for…years and years. I wonder if that means that the cpap machine blowing air into my skull is actually, um, working.

. . .and wonders, if so, if that’s what you call your double-edged blade.

5. In service of number 4, above, I’ll be on the couch, reading The Perilous Gard.

One thought on “Five Things Make a Post, Thursday Edition”

  1. I was just wondering… You had posted a snip of a conversation between Nova and Sylvor in “The book named George” which got me to wondering. I know you can’t have everyone with a happy ending, but I was hoping that Nova could have one as well. She works so hard, and doesn’t smile that often, and Mr. McFarland does love her, I think… Again, just hoping for a solving for her.

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