The clock just chimed 8 p.m.

Rolanni looks up and wonders what she did all day.

Um, right.

Gave up on Apple and decided to let Smashwords be our distributor to the iBookstore and a couple of other things they do. This is by far the easier course.

Which is not to say it’s easy. Three hours to convert Variations Three into — wait for it — a doc file. We here at the Cat Farm do not do doc files, nor do we do Word. I don’t have a firm count on the number of computational devices there are in this house, but I guarantee that not one of them has Word on its hard drive.

So! That meant I had to follow the user manual — which is attitudinal and annoying — and refrib for doing the work in Open Office and saving as a doc file. Gah.

Three hours later, however, the file I submitted to Smashwords was accepted by the so-poetically named Meatgrinder, is now for sale in multiple formats on the Smashwords site, and will be coming soon to an iBookstore near you.

The next book, she said firmly, will go quicker, now that I know what I’m doing — I heard that — and can make templates and cut-n-paste chunks of the stuff that Smashwords needs to have in its files for its own comfort.

I signed a Whole Buncha blank pages. And did the dishes!

I also started building a Pinbeam Books site. It’s here. I have for the moment forgotten how to get rid of all that nonsense on the sidebar. Maybe tomorrow. And most of the links aren’t live. But at least the books are listed and it doesn’t look like a ghost site to drive-by visitors.

The auction for the red leather edition of Pilots Choice is over. The winning bid was $510. As the winning bidder is a long-time Liaden fan — I don’t know if I’m allowed to say more than that — I’m very pleased.

Sometime this week coming, let’s say I throw the unbound copy of I Dare up on eBay and we’ll see what happens. Sound like fun?

And now — where the hell did the day go? — I’m going to go find lunch, and my husband, and probably a glass of wine.


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