PSA: Where the books are

1. Want a signed, first edition hardcover of Lee and Miller’s upcoming Ghost Ship, the Thrilling Sequel™ to I Dare and Saltation? You can pre-order yours here, but be quick, O quick! Pre-orders close on April 30.

In case you’ve missed all previous discussion of this, more details are available here, or here.

2. Pinbeam Books (aka Sharon and Steve) has been converting Adventures in the Liaden Universe® chapbooks Numbers One through Seventeen into ebooks in a seemingly random, but actually cunning, fashion, and posting them to the Kindle store and to the Nook store. We will eventually branch out to other vendors. Note the use of the word “eventually.” Also bear in mind that both editions (Kindle and Nook) are DRM-free. This means that your mobi device will be able to read chapbooks uploaded for Kindle and your ePub reader will be able to read those uploaded for Nook.

2A. A search on Adventures in the Liaden Universe in the Kindle store at Amazon should net a list of those titles currently available.

2B. A search on “Adventures in the Liaden Universe” (mind the quotes — very important) in the NookBook store at should ditto.*

3. If you were having a bad day and took refuge under a rock yesterday, I repeat — The Ghost Ship eArc is now available from Webscriptions.

3A. If you have read, or will soon read, the above-referenced eArc and want to talk about it in a spoilery fashion, I ask, on behalf of those readers who will not read the story until August, when the hardcover is published, to please make use of the Liaden Spoilers Community, here, where a lively conversation is already in play.

4. Thank you for your kind attention.

*Geek Help Requested: Why can I hot-link to specific book pages on Amazon and those links function both at and LJ, but! hot-links to specific book pages that function at are redirected (I think by BN?) to the front page? I like to make it as easy possible to part people from their money help people buy books. Is there a (legal, non-violent) way to get around the redirect?


2 thoughts on “PSA: Where the books are”

  1. A strange thing happened with the chapbooks; I read on a Sony which should deal well with ePub format so I ordered from Barnes & Noble. The first one, _Two Tales of Korval_ worked fine (sort of. There were some funnies with page numbers, but the book was readable). But the next three were a disaster. I got a “Page Error” when I tried to open any of the three. The cure (for me) was to run all four books through Calibre and convert to the native Sony BBeB format (.lrf) and now they all work fine. And the page numbers on the first one are now fine also.


  2. Barnes & Noble .epub uses a different encryption format for drm – although it is also managed by Adobe. But it’s not their normal, ADE version from what I understand. So it’s difficult to get that onto a Sony, which simply uses ADE .epub.

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