Plaiting a dark red love-knot into her long black hair

It has been, if I may say so, a weekend of parts.

Steve and I decided to goof off magnificently on Friday evening and went to see “Hanna” at Railroad Square Cinema, the local arts theater. Stipulating that it is a very violent movie, it’s well worth the price of admission — kind of an action-adventure art film, with depth, and intelligence. I’m still chewing on big chunks of it, and of that, nothing more, since I don’t want to spoil things for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Saturday was a writing day — Chapter Fourteen of the Book Presently Known as George — with some reading at the end of it. Steve and I had so much fun reading Betrayer to each other that we decided to do the same by Foreigner.

Today — Today we left the house early-ish, meaning to find breakfast at Eric’s. Alas, when we walked in all the hostess could offer us was a place at the counter. “I’m sorry, guys,” she said, waving around at the empty tables. “On Sunday, they get on their cellphones the minute church lets out, and call in to hold a table. Any other day of the week, we’d have room…”

That being so, we went ‘cross town to the Holiday Inn that had been and is now the Waterville Grand Hotel, where I had a veggie skillet with cheese, Steve had two eggs over easy, and we shared a fresh-made blueberry crepe for dessert. Excellent. Thank you, Eric’s.

It being so bright and sunny and warm, we went for a drive, down to Belfast to see the sights, and pay our respects to the bay. Home again by way of the Agway and grocery store to take on needed supplies for humans and catkind.

Arrived at home and the groceries dispersed, I returned to my office and compiled Two Tales of Korval for the ninety-millionith time and uploaded one file to and one file to Barnes and Noble. Each merchant tells me that the books will be available for purchase in a day or two.

We will be slowly converting and uploading all of the SRM paper chapbooks under the imprint of Pinbeam Books. Each ebook will cost $2.99, and you’ll be able to read them on your Kindle and your Nook.

I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print, except that tomorrow is Monday. But I’m guessing you knew that.

Did everybody have a good weekend?

Progress on the Book Presently Known as George
33,982 words/100,000 OR 33% complete

“I overheard my small sister say to the luthia that you prayed, Brother.  I do not want to intrude, but I thought you might be done.”

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