Or would you like to swing on a star; carry moonbeams home in a jar

Tips for supervising your secretary: If your secretary says she’s confused, she means she’s confused. The fact that you are not confused doesn’t mean that she’s not confused. And it is never, ever, not even if you’re in a really bad mood because someone is being confused about something that’s perfectly clear — it is never OK to respond to a declaration of confusion on the part of the party of the second part with, “You’re not confused,” and/or “This is not confusing.” That’s right up there with those perennial hits, “You’re wrong to feel that way,” and “I’m sorry if your feelings are hurt.”

In the Real World, I compiled and uploaded two more chapbooks this evening: Fellow Travelers: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number Two and Necessary Evils: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number Ten . They should be arriving at BN.com and an Amazon.com near you sometime over the weekend.

Speaking of, both Calamity’s Child and The Cat’s Job are now available. The Cat’s Job presents a little bit of a challenge to find, because I somehow munged the title. I will fix the title, but I can’t do it yet because Amazon Back Room says the book is only “publishing” in which state it cannot be amended, even though it’s actively for sale. You can’t make this stuff up. But! Be assured that once I can make it right, I will.


Show of hands: How many of y’all are really glad it’s Friday?

One thought on “Or would you like to swing on a star; carry moonbeams home in a jar”

  1. Something must have been in the air this week. Things were…interesting where I work too. We have this problem where people think surprises are the same as “surprises”. One thing is an actual, unforeseeable surprise which I am more than happy to tackle. The other kind only comes out of nowhere to us because they sat on it for a while, didn’t get around to telling us about it because they were playing scrabble on their iPad instead, or had a whim that suddenly has to happen. right. now. because they told the client about something cool and everyone got excited. Oi. Life would be dull without it I guess. 🙂

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