Two Reminders

Reminder the First: There is still time to pledge for a signed first edition hardcover of Ghost Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the sequel to both I Dare and Saltation, to be published by Baen Books in August of This! Very! Year! Instructions are here. Posting “I Want One” in comments is not a pledge. We’re writers and we’re being asked to count. That means we need to have all of the things we’re counting in one place. So! Follow the directions please. As of this writing, we have approximately 425 books pledged, and the sky’s the limit, so if you want one, sing out!

Reminder the Second: There’s still time to vote in the Locus Poll for Best Works of science fiction and fantasy of 2010. This is a readers’ poll; anyone may vote until closing on April 15. If you don’t find the work(s) you most favor in the drop-down menus, spaces have thoughtfully been provided for write-in votes. You will be asked for your gender — please be truthful. And please — only vote once.

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