It’s a marvelous night for a moondance

This weekend has got to be a working weekend. But I’m telling you — the pull of that triple-full-moon? Attracts the Rolanni every bit as much as the tides.

At the moment, up here in the mid-country, we have wind — gusts up to 53 miles per hour. That’s some Serious dust in the air. Not to mention the widow-makers that are getting shaken out of the trees. Oh, look, the wind is combing the forest’s hair…

For the coming week — I have a rematch scheduled at the sleep lab on Monday night, this time to fit a mask and ascertain the proper and necessary air pressure. What fun. That means I’ll be late to work on Tuesday, but, happily, Spring Break starts tomorrow. Not, yanno, that I get time off, but the students will be off-campus, and the faculty will scatter like mice. Good time to catch up the work that I had to let slide through at the beginning of the semester.

Hmmm. I wonder if there’s enough time to take a nap before bedtime…

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