In which Rolanni’s mind skips town

Oh, it’ll be back, likely spinning some unbelievable-but-amusing vignette of the plot-line that got away. It’s done this before.

In the meantime, I have two loaves of bread in the oven — I must say that the cold-rise bread is tasty. And so easy! Well. Except for the part where Hexapuma tries to leap into the oven to help me set in (or take out) the pans. Blackened Coon Cat is so not on the menu.

It was snowing today when I came home from the day-job. Big, sloppy, wet flakes that splattered on the windscreen when they struck. How big were those snowflakes, you wonder? They were each the size of a chickadee. Six of them were a white-out.

Once home, I paid bills, and did a bit of overdue bookkeeping. And now? I’m beat, and foresee an early bedtime.

However, before I go, I did want to tell those who may not have seen it elsewhere that the SFSite has posted the results of its readers’ poll for Best Ten Books of 2010. I love this list, which, by the time you count the Honourable Mentions becomes the Twenty-Six Best Books of 2010. And! Not only is it generous in measure, it’s a really good list of books you might want to check into, if you, like me, are constantly behind the year in your reading.

Anyhow, on that list, over at the SFSite, we have Saltation by Lee and Miller tied at Number 10 with Changes, the 12th Harry Dresden novel by Jim Butcher.

But wait, I’m not finished yet!

Down in the Honourable Mentions, Mouse and Dragon by Lee and Miller is tied with Horns by Joe Hill for the Number 15 slot, while Carousel Tides by Sharon Lee is tied with Redemption in Indigo by Karen Lord for Number 18.

Three books in a Top 26 list? Not too shabby, says I.

And, now — the bread is done. Gotta race Hex to the oven.

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