She makes the moon go ape and the monkeys go bananas

Kind of a tiring week in which nothing of note really happened.  So, I’m tired and I’m taking the night off.  Tomorrow, Steve and I need to run down to Old Orchard Beach in the morning, and further than that?  I’m not planning.

In-between and around the corners, I did get a little bit of work done on “Intelligent Design.”  I’m looking for a good chunk of time, say, Sunday, to buckle down and get the first draft done.  Right now, this is what it looks like:

Progress on “Intelligent Design”
4,110 out of 10,000 words OR 41.10% complete

And, finally:  I want to be completely clear that this is Oz’ (aka birdhousefrog)’s fault.  Completely.

King Kong Tonight, Rhoderic Land

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