Saturday in Review

The drive to Bridgton was pleasant in a bright and sunny, but very blustery, day. We did the interview for “What are you reading?” in two segments, and are promised a copy of the final show.

Out again into the day and home by an alternate route, battling the wind the while. Stopped at Best Buys in Augusta to try out the Nook and the Kindle, but was defeated by the two-inch anchor cords and the lack of any sales associate sufficiently interested in selling ebook readers this afternoon. One thing that I did determine during our messing about and self-tutoring was that I was Really Not Happy with the whole Kindle keyboard thing and the navigation ring (discovered by Steve — I could’ve looked at it all day and never recognized it as an Important Manipulative Component) made me buggy.

While we were in that part the world, we took the core-board-mounted cover art for Mouse and Dragon to A.C. Moore, hoping to be able to find the frame segments that snap around odd-sized art. Alas, A.C. Moore was not able to accommodate us, but the young lady who waited on us took one look at David Mattingly’s wonderful art and said, “Where can I buy a copy of that book? Can I download it to my Kindle?” And so we had a lively conversation about B&N, if she wanted hardcopy, and Webscriptions if she wanted it on her Kindle above all else, and she recommended Michaels for the segmented frames.

As it happens, Michaels is right next to Barnes and Noble up on the other side of Augusta, and BN was our next stop. We arrived to find that, indeed, the very segmented frames that we were looking for were to be had at Michaels, and have them we did. We then repaired to BN where, after a demo of the NookColor and the eInk Nook by a patient and capable Kate, Sharon committed eInk Nook, which is charging even now on the kitchen counter. I also purchased the easel Nookcover, though I have yet to purchase a book. Tomorrow, surely, is soon enough for that adventure.

I want to thank everyone for their input on electronic reading devices. The discussion helped clarify what was most important for me in a Device of My Own, and also gave me very useful pointers.

I’m very excited about my new toy, and hope that we’ll have lots of time together and share many good reads.

Now, I guess I better go download Calibre.

What did you do today that was exciting?

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