Books read in 2011

Unseen, Rachel Caine
Total Eclipse, Rachel Caine
Weight of Stone, Laura Anne Gilman
The Story of Chicago May, Nuala O’Faolain

2 thoughts on “Books read in 2011”

  1. Although I’m a fairly catholic reader, my heart’s favorite is urban fantasy — when it’s well done (and that’s not so often as I’d like). I just finished “Carousel Tides,” which is the first I’d heard of you. What a thumping good story! Characters are great, plotting is just convoluted enough to keep me reading, and the end is satisfying. I’ll be off to the library tomorrow in quest of more of your books, but wanted to thank you for several evenings of enjoyable reading. I see by your site that you’re fairly devoted to the Liaden universe (I’ll find out about it in due course), but I hope you’ll give some more time to the unseen world of Maine — and other places. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you very much! I had a good time writing Carousel Tides, and I hope my publisher will let me write more.

    Do enjoy the Liaden stories — they are…rather different from Kate and Archers Beach.

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