In which Lee and Miller appear on lists

For those who voted in the Goodreads Choice Awards (and a huge thank you! for those who voted for Saltation) — the results are in!  Let’s give the deserving winner a big round of applause!

Also!  Carousel Tides by Sharon Lee, published by Baen Books, and Halfling Moon (Adventures in the Liaden Universe® #16), by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, published by SRM Publisher, Ltd.,  hit Uncle Hugo’s Bestseller List for December

Not only that!  Four Lee and Miller titles placed in Uncle Hugo’s top 50 bestsellers of 2010Fledgling, Saltation, Mouse and Dragon, and Halfling Moon.

Man, that’s a lotta lists.  That’s a lotta chapbooks.  Motor on, Number 16; you are a wonder and a marvel.

In other news, the day-job was a zoo, and tomorrow looking like more of the same, but with the addition of a first-thing-in-the-morning visit with the dentist.


Progress on The Book Presently Known as George:
28,377 words/100,000 OR 28.38% complete

“Excellent. You have nothing to fear from your delm,” came the soft voice. “When you speak to the delm, you speak to Korval Entire — which is nothing more frightening than speaking with your kin. Or yourself.”

4 thoughts on “In which Lee and Miller appear on lists”

  1. Hello,
    is it possible to download Halfling Moon ? I live in France and mailing the chapbook seems a bit cumbersome.

  2. I wanted to stop over here to say I just started reading your books a few days ago. I had some used copies sitting around for a couple years in my to-read pile, but I ended up going onto the Baen site for the ebooks because they are so much easer to read. Anyway, into book three in three days if that tells you anything. I’m glad there are so many of them instantly available for my Kindle. 🙂

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