The day after the day that was

The book signing at Barnes and Noble was fun, though the copies of Mouse and Dragon and Saltation that had been ordered in special sold out before the party started.  That’s called your mixed blessing.  Steve had a copies of Saltation and Liaden Universe® Companion in the car, and brought them in for show-n-tell.  We did sign a mmp copy of Fledgling, a couple Dragon Variations, a Meisha Merlin era Plan B brought in by a reader who had come down from Bangor to see us, and a bazillion — or at least a dozen — Carousel Tides.

We saw some familiar faces — including a coworker from a job I’d had. . . 18 years ago?, who was pleased to find that we were still writing — and some folks we’d seen at previous signings.  We met some new people, which was cool, and were only called upon to demonstrate our knowledge of BN’s internal geography once, to direct a gentleman in need of a cat calendar to the proper portion of the store.

We were up at the front of the store, between the wrapping station and the Nook counter.  Based on the action on that side, there are gonna be some ebooks sold next year.

Just to prove we were there, two pictures:

Picture One, of the authors being Auctorial:

Authors being good
Authors, being good

And, Picture Two, of the authors being Distracted:

Did you see that?
Authors, being perhaps not so good

Today, I’ve been catching up bookkeeping, laundry, dishes, and whatnot.  “Write” is on the to-do list.  I do believe I’ll do some.

Everybody having a good weekend?

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