Slow day, with snow

Slow at the day-job; two faculty members in, and closeted with grading.  One in by eight and out by eight-ten, wishing me a good holiday as they went past my door.

I read, and thought about George, and made some notes on George.  On the way home, I picked up a bottle of Magic Pink Stuff for Hexapuma who, on top of Everything Else, has caught a cold.  I stopped at the post office.  I came home.

Is fascinating, nu?

Once home, I sat down at the desk and wrote 2,029 words straight through.  Now, I have dishes to do and cat boxes to clean, and dinner.  Mustn’t forget dinner.

It did snow today, a small amount, very wet, which then turned to rain and washed itself away.  Ah, well.

Progress on The Book Presently Known as George:
10,830 words/100,000 OR 10.83% complete

The delm would not speak to him in the Low Tongue — that was for kin, for friends, and for agemates. That being so, then it was not the delm, but Cousin Miri whom he faced.

He was not altogether sure that was better.

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