Interim report

Went to breakfast, the grocery store; stopped at the post office where several surprises awaited us, including a fine set of cat cookie cutters for Steve.

We visited various folks around town, remembered this time to get handmade fragrant soap at Barrels (and bagels! and apple butter!  and pumpkin butter!) and so to home, where bean soup and sweet potato fries were had for lunch, and some nigs and nub-ends of chores were completed.  There’s dishes to do, and the cat fountain to disassemble and clean, and then I believe. . .yes.  I do believe we’ll take a couple hours off.

Steve and I both have a new pair of slippers (ahhhh, new slippers), and a toy.  Each of us also has received a pair of power gloves from a kind friend.  Also, I was given in proxy for Kate a Google sweatshirt, to replace hers, ruined by ‘gaster blood.


I hope everybody is having a lovely day and will have a lovely weekend, whether simple day or holiday.

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