The week, on the way out

I woke up this morning, washed my face, picked up my glasses, and —

…a lens fell out.

And that’s mostly what the last couple days have been like — a series of minor, unexpected disasters — tinyastrophes — that take more time to fix than one imagines they ever could, and suck down too much energy.

This evening, we have a Thing in town, and tomorrow is Friday. Only ten more days until winter break. Yes.

Oh! The authors’ copies of  The Agent Gambit arrived today on the wings of Eddie, the FedEx guy. That would be — TAG, not Eddie — the omnibus edition included Agent of Change and Carpe Diem.

It’s a book!

One thought on “The week, on the way out”

  1. Thanks or the liaden universe book

    Hope to read them in french someday 😉

    And stop the tiny-astophe – that can be dangerous. Have a proper balance 😉

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