Whatever day

Long weekends mess up my sense of what day is this, really. I’ve been thinking all day that it’s Sunday, but, no! It turns out that today? Is Saturday. It’s like being given a whole extra day, free of charge.

Whatever its name, today was slightly fragmented. I did finally finish the filing, except for the small mountain of galleys and turned-in manuscripts that I feel compelled to keep, but have no place to file. Well. There’s a file cabinet in the basement. I think there may be a spot of spelunking in my future.

I’ve started work on my next book*, which sadly has no title. For the purposes of discussion, this book shall, until such time as a Proper Title presents itself, be referred to as The Book Presently Known As George.

There’s been some discussion of taking in an early movie tomorrow. The local Flagship, in a un-looked-for fit of randomosity, is showing not one, but three! movies that we could view with interest: Burlesque, RED, and Harry Potter Part One of Two. All things being equal, I expect we’ll go with Potter.

Everybody having a fine and fun-filled weekend? What are y’all up to? Finished shopping? Tell all.

Progress on The Book Presently Known as George:
2,187 words/100,000 OR 2.19% complete

*Steve is in the hot seat for Dragon Ship

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