What’cha doin’ Saturday?

We — that’s Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, in our Official Auctorial Personas — are going to be signing books at the Barnes and Noble in the Augusta, Maine, Marketplace, from 1 p.m. Until. Come on by and say “Hi!”, buy a book and get it signed. We do personalizations! And, as well all know, Books Make Wonderful Presents.

Can’t get to the BN Augusta location, but still want signed Lee and Miller, or Lee, books for yourself, friends or family? Not a problem!

Jeanne Peterson Kamfonik, Beggar’s Ride Studio and Gallery, 207.937.2673, or request on www.facebook.com/beggarsrideart — has signed Carousel Tides on hand and ready to go to good homes.


Ellen Richmond, Children’s Book Cellar, 207.872.4543, kidsbookscellarATmyfairpointDOTnet (where AT and DOT replace The Usual) — has all Lee and Miller titles, plus Carousel Tides.

Both Jeanne and Ellen will ship to you folks who live Away, but you have to act fast if you want books in time for Christmas! …like now, for instance.

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