PSA: Holiday gift giving

Remember that books make perfect holiday gifts!

For those folks on your list who have — or who will receive — an ebook reader of any flavor, remember Baen Webscriptions for all of their space opera, milSF, classicSF, and fantasy needs.

Electronic editions of all published Lee and Miller novels, a good number of the short stories published in SRM Publisher chapbooks, and Lee’s Carousel Tides are available here.  Shop carefully, there are some duplications, due to various promotional packages.

In addition to the Webscriptions offerings, electronic editions of Sharon Lee’s Maine (aka Jen Pierce) mysteries, as well as some early short stories, are available from Fictionwise.

For those who prefer the comforting weight of a bound book in the hands, remember to hit your local independent bookstore early and often.

Purely to assist in your shopping, below are a list of Lee and Miller, and Lee books that have come out this year:



Mouse and Dragon

The Dragon Variation

Carousel Tides

For those procrastinators among us — you know who you are — gift certificates to your favorite bookstore are a way to give today and tomorrow.

Lee and Miller books coming out in 2011 include:

The Agent Gambit

Korval’s Game


Ghost Ship

The Crystal Variation

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

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