My husband and I write books, did I mention that?

. . .first one published was Agent of Change, a mass market original from Random House/Del Rey, in February 1988, then Conflict of Honors, in June 1988; Carpe Diem in October 1989; and Plan B in trade paper in…

February 1999.

Yeah, little bit of break, there.

Starting with the February 1999 release, though, we got more regular in our habits, with the result that we just recently handed in our eighteenth collaborative novel.

A lot of you have heard this story before.  The reason I’m doing a refresher right now is. . .

. . .with the assistance of Madame the Agent, and the willingness of Toni Weiskopff at Baen. . .

. . .we just today sold three more Liaden Universe® novels.

Dragon Ship, the sequel to next August’s Ghost Ship, is due in September 2011.  Trade Secret, the sequel to Balance of Trade, is due in May 2012.  In-between those two — due in January 2012 — is an as-yet-untitled Surebleak-centric story featuring some interesting new characters.

Keep in mind that the above are the authors’ delivery dates and not publication dates.  We don’t know what the publication dates may or will be.  That comes later.

First, we need to write like heck.

6 thoughts on “My husband and I write books, did I mention that?”

  1. Best news I’ve had all day!

    I’ve been hooked since that day in 1988 when I read “The man who was not Terrence O’Grady….” and, after a frantic search to find a replacement for my lost copy of Conflict of Honors back in 1999, my husband read those same words for the first time and you gained yet another avid (rabid?) fan.

  2. Congrats! I’m very excited to hear this (and especially excited that they’re with Baen since I love webscriptions).

  3. Wonderful news! I have all of the Liaden books (some of them in two physical volumes) and will continue to acquire them as they are published.

  4. Wow! More more more! Celebration! …. Now, get to work and get me an ARC 😉 “This is the most heartening news since the battle of Waterloo!” So thrilled for both of you!

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